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Hilary and Philip Tyrell

St.Albans, UK

My walk was possible only because of volunteers and activists. Hilary and Phillip from St Alban are two such extraordinary activists who consistently promote many cause of justice.

They hosted me during the 2009 climate walk and helped me with my board and lodge; reaching schools and groups and importantly giving contacts on the walk journey forward.

Fast forward to 2017, here they are again unrelentingly supporting me. With logistics, communication, access to people and not forgetting with money too.

To people like me it is always the ones like Hilary and Phillips who have stood with me and the very cause of fair trade and climate justice.


Clips and Photos from supporters across the globe

It would make a very long list indeed to make an individual section for everyone who has sent in their support, at one time or another for the cause that I stand for. This link is an assortment of photos and videos of people who have sent something in particularly for Walk 4. A plethora of support has also been sent in written text format, for which I am eternally grateful, a sampling of these messages can be found in archived blog posts.

Jusuf Kalengkongan - Activist

Jabodetabek , Indonesia

A dear friend, at Oxfam Indonesia. A tireless campaigner, firmly believes in equality and justice in the world. The video of support he has sent from Indonesia, brings a tear to my eye. They have walked 33km in support.

Family - From Doctors to Architects

US, UK, India and beyond.

What can anyone do without family? All of them, both my closest and my extended family have all contributed in their own way to the walk, the cause and to my life itself. They continue to support me through the fourth walk. 

Please click the link to see the photos and videos of support they have sent in!

Kalki Koechlin - Actor/Director

Pondicherry , India

Award winning, French/Indian actor, Kalki Koechlin supports the cause. Apart from her talent in the entertainment industry, she is an avid campaigner. She has been a part of variety of awareness campaigns and is vocal about women's equality and gender issues.

Mike Hall , Politician (Australian Greens candidate for Mackellar)

Sydney, Australia

Mike and Melinda Hall, friends and supporters since forever! Passionate campaigners themselves, upholding the cause from all the way down under. Mike Hall is running as the candidate for the Greens for Mackellar, and is constantly fighting for climate change and protection of the environment. Thank you my friends for your undying support.



Viswanathan Balasubramanian, Software Designer

Azhagi Sofwares, Chennai, India

My brother in law, Viswanathan Balasubramanian, a hugely talented man. A software engineer by education and trade, he has created a massively important tool ( a transliteration software), on his own with very limited external help, for the Indian language community. Please visit his website  ( and support his work.


Aside from this, Viswanathan has been an avid supporter of "love" and "respect" between fellow human beings. He has been always behind my walks and has been rooting for my cause as passionately as anyone can.

Minwoo Hwang , Vehicle Designer

Ford Automobiles, Germany.

Supportive videos made by Minwoo Hwang, an avid supporter of the cause. Originally from South Korea, he grew up in the UK where he was educated at the St.Martins College London, Coventry University and Royal College of Art London in automobile design. A gem of a person, who believes that we as humans need to change  our mentality and begin to love each other rather than hate.

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