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A year in Action (2018-2019) Review

An exceptional year for Fair trade town initiatives!

Though I have been travelling between India and UK between the month of September 2018 to February 2019, there have been so many activities.

Firstly, strategising with the Fairtrade India office and concurrently absorbing the key elements of the "Switch Asia" programme that have now been approved by the European Union. These key elements from the above discussion were to focus on key Metropolitan cities as we need to drive sustainable consumption and production.

Major highlights (in Chennai)

I was able to discuss the process with a number of stake holders for action.

At the premier "Stella Marys" college, I managed three visits : two talks and the formation of the first volunteers group of Post graduate women group. Capacity building and inspiring through examples and stories.

At the Jeeva and the Walkers park, two presentations at the "Vango Pesalam" event - translation : "Come, Let us talk" weekend event.

Distribution of the Chikki ; the ground Nut fairtraded product along with Fair trade information bills for the annual meet.

A workshop for retailers where I presented my walk(s) and got substantial support.


Major highlights (in Pondicherry and Auroville)

Two special visits , undertaking an audit. Meeting key people and planning next steps on the basis of the previously done survey report. A follow up was supporting Natesa Iyer (Walk mate and member of the steering group for Pondy) for a programme involving Pondicherry which was successful in the New year.

A full fledged visit to Kotagiri: recording all activities, undertaking a survey of the challenges and interest with joint planning for the next steps of consolidating the work on Certification.

Exploratory , scoping visit to Bangalore

Young adult designers workshop, introducing change and initiating interest in Fair Trade.

Understanding city governance and meeting key influencers and discussing potential action plan.

Discussing with Fair trade business leaders.

Establishing contacts with active city citizens action groups.

Vising and understanding the impact of cyclone on coconut growers in Tanjore , Tamil Nadu.

Lastly, sharing all the above stories here in the UK - Including key speaker talks for the Fairtrade fortnight in Greater Manchester, UK.

Lake District Schools

Citizen Activists in Bangalore : Mr. Rathnakar and Mrs.Joystna

Young Adult Workshop in Bangalore

With Sri Ranga , Fair Trade Garment Maker - Bangalore.

With Raja Gouda , Leader (Small farmers) , Western Ghatts.

Land devastated by cylcone Gaja, Tanjore, Tamil Nadu.

At Kotagiri, celebrating the harvest festival with indigenous community.

The first group of young women leaders for Fair Trade from Stella Mary's College, Chennai.

Promoting the first fair trade chocolate (India) in retail shops in Pondicherry.

Auroville , smokeless stoves - promoting sustainable production

Pushpanath Krishnamurthy,
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