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November (2017) encounters and interactions

After a gap of a few months, I am here to update everyone on the amazing developments and activities that have taken place.

In November of last year, following from my last update, I was given a unique opportunity to meet a faith based, but ecumenical peace organisation that works towards sustained interfaith relationships - "Grassroots". The contact came about through the die-hard activists, Hilary Tyrell and husband, Philip.

At the meeting, they shared stories about fair trade, including their use of fair trade products, specifically the selling of 2 tonnes of fair trade dates during Ramadan. What a wonderful example of encouraging fair trade in an interfaith context. On a related note, I shared stories about the two fair trade towns in India and the wonderful ground breaking fair trade product, Chikku (a traditional peanut based sweet), launched by Paperboat, which was enabled by Fair trade International, India .

Pushpanath Krishnamurthy,
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