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The Final Two Days : Part 3 of 4

As the walk of Day 20 carried on with full ebb and flow, soon we met Prashanth of the now famous Dunsandle estate. In an evening that we spent with his family and friends, team and committee, we were left convinced yet again by our searching interactions with the aforementioned members of the community, about the very substantial value of fair trade and the potential.

What was an important off shoot was the unexpected but very valuable presence of Anjali, representing fair trade from a business angle, Abhijit from FTI and Vasanthi from the outskirts of the fair trade family. These people and the interactions that followed showed how the conversations between very different practioners of fair trade is so important to bring about a varied, yet useful cross-over of ideas. The fact that Vasanthi was there and was demanding a simpler but insightful communication of fair trade in the Kannada language made me even firmer in my beliefs that we need to grasp the essence in the Tamil language just as much, as we were consistently pressured by many throughout the walk journey. Thanks to Natesa, we now have one simple Tamil commentary. We can work with it.

For those Tamil speakers reading the blog, please do check the Tamil media coverage in the Latest Media section. Tomorrow, I shall update the final day in Ooty, i.e. the 10th of December.


Pushpanath Krishnamurthy,
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