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Day 6 : Pains and Rains , Paper from Cotton and the Need for Action!

Firstly, thank you all for your concern about our well being.

With every passing day, a strange mix of slow physical attrition is being monumetally overshadowed by mental dynamism and vivacity. We cannot be stopped in spreading the stories of the farmer and the poor folk to the world.

The concept of Fairtrade should not be a choice, it should be a GIVEN. This should be the only way trade should work. The urgent need for a deal to be struck for carbon emission reductions is clearer than ever, as we hear story after story of the negative impact the changing weather patterns are having on the poorest.

News articles about the COP21 have begun slowly creeping into headlines across the world. As the French government plans on barring the largest marches during the summit amid security concerns, climate justice organisations around the world need to make a united stand to make leaders listen! An amibitious deal HAS to be made, seeing top CEOs taking a pledge to see this happen is a highly motivating sign.

If anything, the need for this walk to reach as many people as possible, to raise awareness and to make a conscientious choice to buy Fairtrade products and reduce your own emissions whenever possible, just got more urgent.

This made us walk with serious conviction on Day 6, covering 40km. I was a bit worried about Natesa Iyer's feet hurting, but he coped brilliantly. Luckily for us, the rains did not come today, but stories of Rains along the coast and back home in Chennai that were reaching bursting point, were worrying.

One of the most compelling parts of Day 6 was going to the company, "Punar Bhavaa" or "Reborn/Rebirth". A very interesting company, with a zero waste policy, that is a compelling business model for ALL the corporate world to follow. It shows that you can make profit while being ethical. They do not have to be mutally exclusive.

Make Trade Fair and Climate Justice for all! Day 7 here we come!

Pushpanath Krishnamurthy,
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