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Day 3 : Trials and tribulations

To achieve anything worth something, one must have more than conviction in their goal. An endurance, both physical and mental, was vital to deal with the start of day 3.

We thought that misplacing my trusty hearing aids were going to be the worst of our problems, as we set out to walk down the Tiruchy Chennai Highway. However, soon after, Natesa’s shoes tore off. To make matters worse, it was followed, almost immediately, by my specs breaking simultaneously with the post that held up the advertisement banner from the van peeling off.

Licking our wounds, we set off as clockwork and were rudely interrupted by the rain gods punishing us with an almighty downpour that led us to seek shelter inside the advertisement van, with the driver.

It was at times like this, that receiving a call from my dear brother Krishna Raghavendra, hearing the sweet calming voice of my wife Uma, the perpetual support of key organiser, Ramya Rajanna and recalling all the amazing images and videos of support pouring in from all corners of the world (see supporters section) , kept me going.

Eventually, as the rains subsided we reached Ulundurpet Saradha Ashram. We were offered a good meal, blessings from Meena Ambal and took off to Kallakuruchi, where we had arranged to meet a host, Mr.Selvamani at the AKT school.

We arrived drenched, tattered and looking defeated, but after drying ourselves, feasting on the hot tea and biscuits offered by the principal of the school, we enjoyed a good conversation with the kids at the school, who were all curious to learn more about the walk and climate change in particular.

For that night, we had to find our accommodation, and stayed at a nearby place called the MS Residency. Come rain or shine, tomorrow, we continue to Attur!


Pushpanath Krishnamurthy,
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