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Day 2 : Arrival at Villupuram

To say I am overwhelmed will be an understatement.

Please see the “Support” section for all the lovely pictures and videos being sent in from supporters across the globe.

The day started with a morning breakfast of sumptuous fruit and bread in Auroville, with great, cross cultural (French, Danish, Indian and British), engaging conversation. The immense contribution of Auroville to the cause was particularly highlighted.

Day 2 of the walk was joined by Anbu, Morris and Aromia. As we walked fast, more people joined from the nearby villages upon hearing the reasons for the walk. Anbu, was instrumental in spreading the central concept of “justice” to encompass everything we are walking for.

As we passed by the Irumbai Lake and temple, it was a treat for the eyes and the soul, as this is the heart of the families of the farmers, consisting of more than 200 women. All these women have promised to walk to support the cause now.

After passing by the villages, we continued with an arduous 3-4 hour walk in the blistering sun. For sustenance, we consumed just two bananas and a few cashew for lunch. Water, was the most useful commodity to us at this time. After 25km, our bodies gave up as blisters flared up on our feet. At this time, a gentle push of support was received by a stranger, who wrapped me with a shawl. A kind gesture, which was much appreciated.

We arrived at Villupuram, at the Engineering college, with students asking us how we were feeling. We met the chairman and the staff, and shared further riveting conversions about important issues regarding the walk and the goal. The Tamil press were present at this leg of our journey, which gave us an opportunity to share more details with them.

As I headed off to bed for the bed, after eating the excellent food prepared for us, I spoke with my wife Uma on the phone and my brother in law, Sivakumar, who had joined me for Day 1.

Onwards to Day 3, my friends!

Keep your support incoming and please do donate whatever you can (via the webpage) to use in the fight for Fairtrade.

Pushpanath Krishnamurthy,
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