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Day 4 : Garstang - Keswick Fair trade Walk continues

I have missed not connecting to you, my supporters- I give my apology.My Entry two days ago missed and has gone into black hole. But I wrote so many lines and sentences in my mind as we walked the last three days.The First day was so remarkable that Uma- my wife did 12 kms AND MADE HERSTORY with us and the walk was so good.even paced and across the canal.

If I thought that 80 -100 miles was a stroll in the park -day.2-3-4 was so punishing that a mile on this cross country terrain was like walking 7 kms in my previous walk.The weather has been extreme to say the least. Graham- mate and the route captain describes that the way it is planned is to show the incredible beauty,the linkages between environment and community and most importantly teh History.this part of England was at the fore front of struggles against slavery;workers rights and others. We must have together by now counted half a million-the idea was to step up on fair trade.The notion of Fair Trad is really deep rooted-the work done by stalwarts like Bruce Crowther and Jor human has paid immense dividend in that it is almost impossible for a Cafe or Hotel not to include Fair Traded commodity in the items they use. The walks- breath taking beauty of the place gets more stunning as you enter Lake District which we did.But the physical effort is also more than anything that i have done.The water on ground is so much and the rain so consistent and heavy- slipping, slithering, stumbling and falling from time to time has been regular but i have not been hurt.But my spirits soar!

Today morning, Graham- I call him captain- described the the day beginning as lusty- I can say that it was one of the hardest walk I have done in the last three years.Graham is the captain of the route- though he does not come from the area- he by experience can identify a gate or a path way in a jiffy as he also holds his lens to the soggy mass of map.The focus, the details ,the communication he brings to the walk is awesome.I also wanted to say that other members of the group during the walk and at any breaks if they see a cafe, other walkers and so onComments 57 they never hesitate to campaign immediately. The commitment, passion, knowledge and energy of the team members and the groups we meet at each fair trade town. Yesterday we spoke in a cafe and before that at the Methodist church- I would take a strand from the trade campaign and punch up the Coffeee strory calling for support.Bruce about Garstang,Fig tree and the Walk- Nicola about oxfam Grow campaign. Invariably people came and expressed how much they felt informed and inspired.We are also able to collect some money. It seems that each night at story telling I somehow seem to be so possessed with energy as If i never walked that has kept me bauyont. Today was an immense test but again I made it .Like in previous walks- staying at the houses of people who so generously gave time to us along with such care has been so deep and so touching.The warmth, care and kindness and the effort each has put is immeasurable.The love of the members of Fair Trade,or an Oxfam group or the Quakers has been so good that words escape me to convey my heart felt happiness and gratitude. I wanted to acknowledge the fantastic evening and night i spent with Peter and Delphina Gratrix- the food, the conversation from Gandhi to Dalit to BBC and music but more importantly the way I was made to feel part of the household is etched so deep.

Yesterday at Kendal- Janet Autrobus and Paul Woods what a reception and what a meal for all and what conversation.Janet you are special and to know you have worked and volunteered for Oxfam so many decades Tonight, late tonight as I am staying with Jenny- more than 70 years old but so amazing- energy,ideas, passion and again care and great comfort-Listening to the story of the life they came from and what they have all done and achieved makes such a walk not just so intense abut so profound meaningful. I am bust but my spirit is HIGH-Once again bear with me for any mistake or incomprehension- there is so much more I want to say-but little time and exhaustion is taking over.

I am so lucky I feel being with the group that has Bruce, Graham, Belinda , Dany, Staurt and dearest Nicola from Oxfam and also new ones joining for a day- the passion, the commitment and the fun they bring to this walk- though WALK seems short ON PAPER but is giving us all so much more AND IS SO MUCH TO TAKEN-IN FOR ITS TOTAL VALUE.

I leave you with a quote from the Quakers:

Take lead dear friends

to the promtings of love and truth in your hearts.

I leave you with sleep overcoming me and exhastion taking over!

Pushpanath Krishnamurthy,
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