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Day 3: Arnside to Kendal

This content is from Oxfam Fair way by Nicola.

Once upon a time a group of walkers, old and new, reconvened by a jetty in Arnside. It was hard to leave a place that had welcomed us so warmly, but the journey was calling so after some team photos we began to wind our way around the shore.

At Milthorpe we paused and checked if we could get some fair trade tea at a local cafe van? Sadly not now … but maybe next time?

We wound through woods that seemed made for hobbits and elves towards a beautiful farm that seemed like a mirage on the way. A warm dry place that serves Fair Trade goods to shelter in from the sudden downpours of rain.

As we meandered on towards the river the sun finally battled its way out to join us – though the conversation did naturally turn to climate change since the paths are in November mud condition in August! What does this mean for walkers and farmers alike?

We hobbled our way into Kendal with promises of the cafe just round the next bend … it was not! But it gave us time to wonder if we could get Kendal mint cake to turn Fair Trade?

Story Telling time

We were kindly welcomed in with a caring cuppa to the Waterside cafe in Kendal to share our stories. We clucked and oinked our way through the little red hen with Jennie – and all loved the trade justice lobster who definitely needs more outings! We thought of Fair Trade towns, the origins of the Fair Trade movement, local produce as well as fair trade and how a group of fired up women in India could spearhead the collection of over 12,000 signatures in two short weeks for trade justice.

The conversation over a amazing warm home cooked dinner were of opportunities and motivations. If you’ve gained money through exploiting people does giving something back make it ok? Where and how can you draw that line where money is concerned?

Pushpanath Krishnamurthy,
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