February 7, 2016


Friends, I feel the time is right to provide a bit of an update to all the cool Fair Trade related things that have happened and are happening.


The response after the walk has been robust. The group in Pondicherry has been  robustly following it with the formation of a steering group to chalking out activities by taking advantage of various  events that are significant in the Pondicherry calender.

1) The water festival in Pondicherry started off with a rousing reception, colourful activities directly...

January 16, 2016


It boggles the mind to see how fast time moves. It feels like just yesterday that Natesa Iyer and I, backed by a whole troupe of vibrant, energetic and charmistastic people undertook the 450km walk from Pondicherry to Ooty, to raise awareness for Fair Trade and Climate Justice.


 Nearly a month and a half afterwards, I wanted to share with you a quick summary of the most important outcomes from the walk.



 Without people, this walk would have no meaning. From the people that poured their heart and sou...

January 7, 2016



This day when the world leaders were yet to come together and the Sherpas were working arguing furiously about who should take what responsibility for the historic contribution to greenhouse effect and global warming, the citizens and netizens who were energetically supporting the cause in the Nilgiris and across the world were in no doubt of the urgency and the action for adaptation and mitigation regarding the climate impact. The call for justice was heard loud and clear.




January 6, 2016

As the walk of Day 20 carried on with full ebb and flow, soon we met Prashanth of the now famous Dunsandle estate. In an evening that we spent with his family and friends, team  and committee, we  were left convinced yet again by our searching interactions with the aforementioned members of the community, about the very substantial value of fair trade and the potential.




What was an important off shoot was the unexpected but very valuable presence  of  Anjali, representing fair trade from a business...

January 5, 2016

In the preceding days, patchy communication with the base, notably, Ramya Rajanna, who was herself caught in the midst of the great Chennai floods of 2015, with no power, no water and pretty much no everything, had prompted Mr.Alwaye to quite literally, step in with his team members ( from Coimbatore onwards). He was also invited to do a speech at the Bharatiyar University event in which, I was accommodated for a special evening session before the cultural event unfolded with great dances and other folk ac...

January 4, 2016

Friends, firstly apologies for not updating the blog earlier, chronicling the final two days of December 2015, which was spent in Ooty. Although it was only days, so much happened so quickly that it is difficult to write all of it in one post. I summarise the happenings of the individual days separately, starting with the morning of December 9.




In the morning of Day 20, a meeting at the NAWA office, with many trainee teachers to substantial stakeholders of the town had been assembled by the inimitable M...

December 10, 2015

Day 20! The last day of the 450km walk for Fair Trade and Climate Justice. It had finally dawned on us. The climax of a journey that had resulted in so many inspirational meetings with people who have left me with not only memories, but a renewal of my own resolve in the cause.




As the clocks ticked on the decision day at COP21, Natesa Iyer and I looked out of our windows at the hills that led to our summit, Ooty. The previous night, it had drizzled, ever-increasingly, through to dawn, by which time, the...

December 8, 2015



Tomorrow, marks the final day of the walk, and thus, a sense of anticipation was in the air as he was started off for Day 19. We only added a few kilometres today, as the impetus was the meeting of two distinct institutions of learning and a traders organisation.




We met the staff of the nationally present, agricultural science centre. A unique place, offering a range of advice and support. During the visit, we were privileged to meet, “the centurion”, Mrs. Rangamma. She proceeded to offer us blessings...

December 7, 2015



Day 18 was the perfect day for a power walk, especially seeing as Natesa Iyer, clad in his neon-shoes was fully mobile, subsequently relieving me of my obligatory duty of care. We both powered, in tandem, up the road, against the back drop of blue-tinted hills kissing the sky. As we walked for approximately 13kms, with traffic roaring past us for about half of the distance, we even managed to overshoot our chosen destination, prompting the driver of our advertisement van to call us back!





The destinati...

December 6, 2015

As always, I request everyone to please donate to Fairtrade India , as the walk is nearing its finishing stages.




Nearly 380 kms covered on foot, and approximately 600 kms covered on wheels in reaching all the institutions, businesses, schools and other points of interest in the areas we crossed.

I woke up early as I tend to do, treated myself to a tiny glass of local chai, which is always been my morning fuel throughout my adult life , a habit that has lovingly earned me the title “Tea-Zan” ( like Tarzan)...

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