November 20, 2015


As I waited for the team to arrive in a stunning place called “Gratitude”, the sky split opened and poured. A sense of defeat was already in the air at this time, which was soon dissipated by the arrival of the ministers and the French counsellor, who came, spoke and supported the cause.


Photo shoots, media coverage, a poem of support read by loving wife Uma, conversing with supporters and enthusiasts in both Tamil and English, reiterating the reason for the walk and the resilience we must all show now, i...

November 17, 2015

All your support till date, my dearest friends, has been most welcome. The preparations to get the start of the walk under way smoothly, from the Gandhi statue in Puducherry are reaching fever pitch. My friends, the next post will come after the end of the first day's walk. For now, please, continue to support me with your well wishes and prayers.





Mr.Rajan is the CEO of Dibella India, and the co-founder of Arthur and Henry, an ethical-minded men's shirt company based in London. He has also worked for the Fairtrade Foundation and Fairtrade International. A textile engineer by education, he is trying to combat the negative impact of the fashion industry on the manufacturing of clothes.


His message of support :


"When the world seems to be a troubled place rife with terrorism, warfare, poverty and unfair trade, there are heroes who prove to us that no...

November 16, 2015

First and foremost, willpower. A pure, undiluted mindset and unwavering belief in the goal. Each and every one of our footsteps need to be made with convinction in this goal. Each and every one of our footsteps needs to be heard a thousand-fold louder in the halls of Paris COP21.


Ofcourse, a good pair of shoes always helps. During the first walk from Oxford to Copenhagen ( see Past walks) , I had a pair of rugged MBT shoes, which eventually reached the end of its tether. For the upcoming walk, I will be us...

November 16, 2015

Friends, only a matter of hours away until the start of the walk. A lot has been happening, especially with regard to the media coverage and the gathering momentum before the walk. The support has been fantastic, especially here in South India. Please join me, friends from around the world, in pushing me and willing me forward, a step at a time. Leave your messages, send me your own videos of all your individual walks in the area you reside, post on the facebook pages to the right, share the message of the...



We learn from each other. This is a fact. Devina,  FT India's  Official campagainer is a special one. This is a message from her.


"Over the past months, I have had the life changing opportunity and absolute privilege of being mentored by Pushpanath Krishnamurthy.

.He is famously known as Push and is a global campaigner. Push has led amazing campaigns for climate change, clean water and is now going to be walking for 450 Kms for Fair Trade from Pondicherry to Ooty to launch theFair Trade Twin Towns...

November 14, 2015

 An emerging film maker , with a stand up comedian, working on a two minutes film about my walk journey and fair trade/climate justice in Chennai, on a day when the sky just opened and poured an ocean. Watch this space, for the film, which will be released in two days time.


November 13, 2015


An engaging discussion with the new DJ of Radio One, Vikram Moses. Some valuable air-time to spread the word about the talk and the route and especially about how each and every one of you can contribute to the cause, either by joining me during the actual walk (any stretch you want!) , send video messages of you walking in your own locale, demanding the leaders in COP 21 Paris for "fair trade and climate justice" or even just sharing this blog to others!


Enjoy the radio , I attach the mp3 here!






November 9, 2015

Supporting the creation of the first Fair Trade twin towns in India, Pondicherry and Auroville, as I set off for a 450km walk on the 28th of November.

Inspired by Gandi’s approach of peaceful protest for change, I will be walking for the eradication of poverty through the Fair Trade movement. I will also be revoicing my strong desire for climate justice through each and every step I take.

The plan is to walk from Pondicherry to Ooty, passing through farms and villages and meeting with producers, craftsme...

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