November 30, 2015

Firstly, thank you. As always. To all my supporters around the world.


On the morn of day 10, Natesa Iyer and I , were joined by Jambu Keswaran and Muthu, the young vibrant HR head of Armstong textiles ( see Day 9). More than 50 men and women, with smiles brimming from end to end, joined the day’s planned walk to Coimbatore. It was such a welcome surprise to see a happy workforce in this industry, as I have heard many tales of worker mistreatment and exploitation. But, the stories of these workers who have...

November 29, 2015




I am overwhelmed by the support shown by fellow activists and eco-folk in the London Climate justice march. Thank you to my close family for making it happen.


Please visit the Supporters section ( People and Family section's have links) to see the photos.


Stay tuned for Day 10 update tomorrow!



November 29, 2015


Dear Supporters, as we approach day 10 of our journey, which marks the halfway point of the walk, Natesa and I took a brief respite from the walking schedule to meet some people who are part of very important initiatives.


In the morning, we met a group who call themselves the “Common Indians”, established around 3 years ago, who are actively helping children from poorer backgrounds with heart problems. By doing so, they help the parents of these children overcome the economic problems faced by having to p...

November 28, 2015

 Friends, apologies for not updating the updates blog of late but a lot has been happening here. Day 8 sees us travel from Erode to Thirrupur. Buoyed by the excellent events of Day 7 and sapping inspiration and determination from the incredible work being put into place by other eco-warriors , social activists, teachers and the government support for under privileged children, we were ready to march on in Day 8. Natesa Iyer, although very insistent on continuing, was forced by me to take a breather during...

November 27, 2015



The lingering excitement of Day 6 still hovered over our heads. As we tried to get off to a speedy start, we were unfortunately delayed because the driver (Nagaraj) of our little “advertisement van” that constantly trails us in the back during our walk, was taken ill. Once his replacement, the younger Ramesh, arrived, we got back to walking ways. However, we could not explain the delay to our host trader, Govindswami, and hence he was worried for us.


Dashing through the roads, avoiding traffic in the mor...

November 26, 2015


Firstly, thank you all for your concern about our well being.




With every passing day, a strange mix of slow physical attrition is being monumetally overshadowed by mental dynamism and vivacity. We cannot be stopped in spreading the stories of the farmer and the poor folk to the world.


The concept of Fairtrade should not be a choice, it should be a GIVEN. This should be the only way trade should work. The urgent need for a deal to be struck for carbon emission reductions is clearer than ever, as we hear...

November 25, 2015


Spirits were high, especially after the generousity offered by Mr. Ravishankar in Aathur, who boarded us for the night on Day 4.


An irresistable Vaada ( Indian Savoury Donut) was on offer on one of the nearby street stalls, which was our breakfast for the beginning of what promised to be a very fulfilling day 5. Good weather and a serene vista of hills were the backdrop for this leg of the journey.




We met some clued up farmers on the way, who were well versed in the concepts of steady prices, and even m...

November 24, 2015

Firstly, Visit the "Latest Media and Gallery Section" for new articles in The Hindu Newspaper and the Times of India.


The weather gods had been kind to us today, probably taking pitty on us, after the onslaught they dished out yesterday. We started with verve and pannache, against the backdrop of the Kalrayan hills along the Salem Road.


 We were in fine form today and made 20km before noticing a particular agriculturual spot where traditional crops were being grown, including Finger millet, locally called...

November 23, 2015



To achieve anything worth something, one must have more than conviction in their goal. An endurance, both physical and mental, was vital to deal with the start of day 3.


We thought that misplacing my trusty hearing aids were going to be the worst of our problems, as we set out to walk down the Tiruchy Chennai Highway. However, soon after, Natesa’s shoes tore off.  To make matters worse, it was followed, almost immediately, by my specs breaking simultaneously with the post that held up the advertisement...

November 22, 2015



To say I am overwhelmed will be an understatement.


Please see the “Support” section for all the lovely pictures and videos being sent in from supporters across the globe.


The day started with a morning breakfast of sumptuous fruit and bread in Auroville, with great, cross cultural (French, Danish, Indian and British), engaging conversation. The immense contribution of Auroville to the cause was particularly highlighted.




Day 2 of the walk was joined by Anbu, Morris and Aromia. As we walked fast, more pe...

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