August 31, 2012

Todays final walk into Keswick was impressive, I’d seen the physical change in everyone taking part  but what was completely unchanged was the commitment to reach out and engage people with the Fairtrade message  the difference one person can make in the comunity, either locally or globally.


Lois wrote :
When Push took off his shoes to walk the last section BARE FOOT – even though he was obviously very sore already – was amazing.

It has been an honour to capture some of this experience so it can be a...

August 30, 2012


I think my body started  to adjust to the rigour of the walks in that I felt my pains in the legs were easing and I could move.Though the foot which I had hurt before the walks and the ligament in my knee had flared up because of the wrong walking technique werE still sore but manageable.

The previous night at the immaculate and breath taking house with stunning views of the lake and mountains of the lake district-Richard and wife Judith(worked for two decades with Oxfam) organized a super dinner and discu...

August 28, 2012

I have missed not connecting to you, my supporters- I give my apology.My Entry two days ago missed and has gone into black hole. But I wrote so many lines and sentences in my mind as we walked the last three days.The First day was so remarkable that Uma- my wife did 12 kms AND MADE HERSTORY with us and the walk was so good.even paced and across the canal.

If I thought that 80 -100 miles was a stroll in the park -day.2-3-4 was so punishing that a mile on this cross country terrain was like walking 7 kms in m...

August 28, 2012


Dear Story Teller ( Push )
As far as we can remember, your actions stem from a deep faith from within ; that all coffee planters, no matter to which part of the globe they belong,are a deprived lot, uncared for and most of all not recogonized for the tremendous positive impact they have on the biodiversity of the Western Ghats (India )which today is nominated by the U.N. as a heritage site.
We do not know how to empathize with you, after seeing the soles of your shoes after the historic earlier walks. For...

August 27, 2012


This content is from Oxfam Fair way by Nicola.



Once upon a time a group of walkers, old and new, reconvened by a jetty in Arnside. It was hard to leave a place that had welcomed us so warmly, but the journey was calling so after some team photos we began to wind our way around the shore.


At Milthorpe we paused and checked if we could get some fair trade tea at a local cafe van? Sadly not now … but maybe next time?


We wound through woods that seemed made for hobbits and elves towards a beautiful farm that...

August 22, 2012


Libby wrote from Bali,Indonesia:

Walk on through the wind
Walk on through the rain
Though your dreams be tossed and blown

Walk on walk on with hope in your heart
And you’ll never walk alone
You’ll never walk alone


And  Poovan my dearest friend from South Africa wrote:


Hi Push

You continue to inspire us with your action which will make a difference to the future generations. Solidairty from the comrades in South Africa.

When thinking about the journey you have embarked on the following words from Madiba seem a...

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