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Action 2021

Yes, I have not disappeared nor bypassed my agenda to work on climate justice and therefore on poverty, fair trade and sustainable development issues.

In 2019 I came back to UK full time but before that I was fully active and made my resolve to walk in 2020 to Glasgow.

In India, handing over the Fair trade town work and encouraging schools and colleges to make the journey as campaigning consumers.

Also on return I had the immense pleasure in March to work with Fair trade UK during a fortnight talking ,sharing swapping stories with schools , businesses and others in UK.

I followed it up with a very special visit on invitation by Jenny Baker to Windermere schools. A visit that lifted the schools and associated teaching staff to pursue the FT work and I was featured in the local News paper.

Students are talking more about fair trade, right to education and climate emergency around school.

Anyone can make a difference – this made the Students think!


1. The students felt they wanted more activities in the workshop. They felt they had just engaged at the end and wanted to do something to move forward, for example with making some posters/letter/article?”

Late 2019, I was offered a contract by RESULTS UK, took me to three African countries to train 25 youth leaders for health which also exposed me to the impact of climate on poverty; agriculture and health of communities again Pandemic changed that even further for the worse but the youth leaders gave the hope to fight on by the actions they took to urging domestic investments and make Malaria devastating life and livelihoods to Zero.

So, I welcome 2021 and I am rearing to go too.

All set to walk the distance of more than 630 kms from Parliament square London to Glasgow starting on the 151 st Birthday of Mahathama Gandhi OCtober 2, 2021.

Watch this space…

Please support.

Pushpanath Krishnamurthy,
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