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The Final Two Days : Part One of Four

Friends, firstly apologies for not updating the blog earlier, chronicling the final two days of December 2015, which was spent in Ooty. Although it was only days, so much happened so quickly that it is difficult to write all of it in one post. I summarise the happenings of the individual days separately, starting with the morning of December 9.

In the morning of Day 20, a meeting at the NAWA office, with many trainee teachers to substantial stakeholders of the town had been assembled by the inimitable Mr. Alwaye (lovingly renamed Mr. Always). The meeting discussed the idea and concept of a fair trade town. At the end, I was congratulated for the efforts I have undertaken to bring about the proposed vision. I felt acutely humbled and overwhelmed with emotions. Ultimately, it gave me much encouragement in that it solidified by personal belief that the fair trade towns should be the norm, and not the exception.

At this stage, I feel it is apt to notably mention, Anjali (Pondicherry – Fair trade garment and apparel), who like Mr.Alwaye also possesses such passion and commitment and goes about her duties like a force of nature. These two people somehow very different yet for me, epitomize the real strength, energy and creative knowledge and force that is so much needed in order for us to change the landscape of the business and larger ecology into a fair trade economy irrespective of size and scale.

They have such commendable social capital network and bring in many into fold; work with range of people and are able to make things HAPPEN. I truly feel blessed to have had them to make this walk so dynamic, rich and purpose filled. This is in no way dismisses the solid support and cooperation and enabling acts that has been made possible by scores of others. However I felt it is important for me to capture the centrifugal energy that came from these two stalwarts that propelled the rest of the journey and the summation of it which, going forward is critical to remember.

Pushpanath Krishnamurthy,
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