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Day 19 : The Agricultural Science Center , an Eco-friendly Timber business and meeting the "Cen

Tomorrow, marks the final day of the walk, and thus, a sense of anticipation was in the air as he was started off for Day 19. We only added a few kilometres today, as the impetus was the meeting of two distinct institutions of learning and a traders organisation.

We met the staff of the nationally present, agricultural science centre. A unique place, offering a range of advice and support. During the visit, we were privileged to meet, “the centurion”, Mrs. Rangamma. She proceeded to offer us blessings for the walk, especially for our climax day tomorrow and for a fair, binding deal to be made at COP21. The most inspiring bit, is the incredible energy and dynamism she still had at that age, and she even walked with us in support!

Later, in the afternoon, we came to meet a timber merchant. You might be thinking, “timber merchant?!! Deforestation! “, but we were pleasantly surprised with their business model of fair employment, providing opportunity to the less fortunate and a eco-friendly vision. It was a nice meeting, but we couldn’t spend a long time here. We rushed off to the next stop on the agenda, the forestry college, where the students were quite shy and only communicated gingerly. However, after a while, they slowly warmed up to all of us ( Mr.Alwaye, Shanmugam and Natesa). The dean was also especially kind to us, and they all collaborated in sending a message to the leaders at COP21.

Similarly, students of the Siddartha school in Erode have held the third day of their walk, which was very comforting to see.

Another lovely show of support comes all the way from Zimbabwe, where musician and friend, Edith Weutonga Katiji has sung a song particularly for me and for COP21.

We are halfway to Kotagiri! I frantically looked for my “chai” tea bags, my brain fuel for the early morning start tomorrow, while sneezing intermittently, a sign of my body feeling the effects of an oncoming virus, I tucked myself inside the blanket.

Join us tomorrow friends, for the most important walk and the loudest noise from this part of the world! Join us, from wherever you are, in making some noise for Fair Trade and Climate Justice!

Pushpanath Krishnamurthy,
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