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shati khatun
Jun 20, 2022
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Bulky or are for regular consumption, such as baby diapers, water bottles or boxes of detergents, have been the ones that have been pushing the first consumers of online supermarkets to make purchases online. the net. But these usa phone list are increasingly accompanied: the early adopters of online supermarkets are already giving way to a broader market. Online supermarkets are already growing at a double-digit rate. grow above market That is what the latest Kantar Worldpanel study has just pointed out. Online purchases in supermarkets are still a usa phone list part of food and consumer goods purchases, but their growth rate is above the market. Online purchases are 6.3% of sales of consumer goods worldwide. However, in the last twelve months its growth in sales has been 13%. The general growth of the market has been only 1.6%. Added to that, some markets are taking off at speeds much faster than average. Mainland China and the United States have grown at a rate of 30% in online purchases of consumer goods. Asia is, in general, the market that leads the way to supermarket e-commerce. In South Korea, ecommerce is already 19.9% ​​of all food and consumer goods sales. In other words, practically a fifth of everything that supermarkets sell is done online. The situation in Spain Spain occupies a fairly prominent usa phone list in the list of growth and online sales of food and supermarket products. The online food market usa phone list grown slightly below the usa phone list average, but well above what is happening in other European economies. Supermarket ecommerce has grown by 11.7% in Spain, compared to 6.5% in France or 4.6% in the United Kingdom. Its growth figure is also much higher than the average growth of the consumer goods market in general, which in Spain has risen by 3.3%. Online sales are still a small part of the total market, only 2.3% (in the UK it is 7.2% and in France 5.6%). This still leaves a lot of room to grow and conquer. In addition, as explained in the analysis, the adoption of online supermarket purchases has not yet occurred in large percentages by regular ecommerce users. There remains all that enormous market niche to go to this sector also in its online purchases. Why consumers usa phone list at the online supermarket What has made e-commerce sales in food and other supermarket products rise? The key is in the new players and how the usa phone list giants are entering the sector. The pure players of ecommerce, such as Amazon or Alibaba, are the ones who are attracting new online buyers of this type of product. In fact, in leading markets, such as Korea, these types of companies are the ones who dominate the market. They have 84.5% of the online segment and they are the ones who capture 3 out of 4 new buyers who join e-commerce in the purchase of the supermarket.
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